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Terms and conditions of use

1. Preamble

This section sets out the terms and conditions governing the use of www.cosijeans.shop website (the website). The visitor-user of the website must read carefully these terms. These conditions shall apply without exception applied to all visitors-users of this site.

The website "cosijeans.shop" is the e-shop of the Greek company COSI JEANS P.G CHATZIGIANNIDIS & CO,situated in the district of Thessaloniki at the following address: 


Anagnostaki 8, 3 Km Thessaloniki-Athens Road, Thessaloniki, Greece

P.C. 54628 

Tel: +30 2310 622267

2. Acceptance of terms

The use and access the site subject to the following conditions as well as the applicable laws. The connection and access to the website also implies full and unreserved acceptance on the part of users of all the terms and general conditions, which completely understand. In case of disagreement with these terms the visitor - user must not use this website in any way. Expressly states that these terms of use and access to the website may be modified at any time and without prior notice to guests. Any changes to this will be published with the care of www.cosijeans.shop by whatever means it deems appropriate for the best and fastest information of visitors. Any use of the Site after the publication of the modified terms is considered to be governed by them. If the visitor - user disagrees with someone or some or all of the changed conditions of this website must refrain from the use of this otherwise deemed to have accepted all the above terms.

3. Protection of personal data

The management and protection of personal data which the visitor - user voluntarily provides to the website, subject to the terms of this Article and the relevant requirements flowing from the Greek, European and international law. These protections may be reviewed by the website without prior notice in order to comply with the legal framework and the changes it open every time. The www.cosijeans.shop designed so that the visitor - user can visit the site without having to disclose the identity of. The website asks for your personal information (name, e-mail, website), only when necessary and for the smooth functioning of the individual services (eg posting a comment or to communicate with the website). The Site can collect the above personal information of visitors - users and can process and use them for statistical purposes, to improve the information of visitors' information - users. The www.cosijeans.shop committed to not sell, transmit or disclose to third parties visitor's personal data - user without his consent. The site, however, not responsible for any third party access to this information, which was committed unlawfully and contrary to these terms. The website informs herewith the visitors that, under certain conditions, authorized or required by law, court order or court order the collection, use and disclosure of personal information of visitors, without the prior consent of the party . Therefore, personal data of visitors may be notified to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities in accordance with the pertinent laws. The customer is given within the framework of the law on telecommunications, the right to information and objection and any other rights provided by N. 2472/97, law no. 3471/2006 and law no. 3917/2011.

4. Intellectual Property & Trademark

All content of www.cosijeans.shop including images (digitally processed or digitized), logo, videos, photographs, drawings, text, music, sound, and projects (small or large) computers, services and generally All files on this website are copyrighted and protected under the provisions of Greek law, European law and international treaties. The visitor accepts and acknowledges that the website for the rates or the beneficiary has the potential commercial value of all the items displayed on it. Therefore, none of these elements may not under any circumstances be wholly or partially sold, copy, modify, adapt, adaptation, integration, reproduced, republished, or transmitted or distributed in any way or means for commercial or other purposes. Exceptionally republish some or all of the contents of articles on this site in accordance with all applicable laws and strict compliance with the following conditions: (A) prior written communication-proposal to be submitted by the person in www.cosijeans.shop, through which to communicate section of the site which wishes to republish (eg Article in whole or in part) and the purpose, time and the medium in which the republication be held, (B) the written permission of www.cosijeans.shop, as a continuation of that written communication and response to the proposal submitted by the complainant, (C) the clear and obvious reference to an active link to the article you refer to www.cosijeans.shop. This way your website is granted a non-exclusive, transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and display content elements. This license in no transfer title to the site and the information of. Exceptionally also permitted to store a single copy of part of the content in a simple personal computer for personal and non-commercial use without omitting the indication of the website, without affecting in any way the rights intellectual property. All other products or services listed or shown on the website and bear the marks of their respective organizations, institutions, associations and publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore the bodies bear the responsibility. The (text and photos) listed or shown on the website and the search results are copyright of their respective authors or owners / beneficiaries of the websites from which they come.

5. Product availability

Items featured on the website do not always reflect the actual availability of the item in color and size.

Once the order is processed by the Orders Department Cosijeans.shop reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of the merchandise, verify the transaction’s validity and check the Client’s record with Cosijeans.shop Clients will be informed if for any reason the item ordered is not available or if the order cannot be processed as per the Client’s request. The products on the online store are being sold until the exhaustion of stock.

6. Rules of conduct and good behavior

Every guest-user of the site is responsible for all use and must always conform to the specifications of this document. The visitor-user must comply with the provisions and requirements of domestic, European and international law and fully aligned with their respective laws and rules of law. In particular, each guest-user: i) is solely responsible for the material you post it on the website and on the consequences of the relevant suspension and publication of this material. By posting the relevant material the user declares, certifies and warrants that it has the right to publish and present this material to the public, either as proprietor or as a holder of a license from the proprietor and her right to allow the website to include this material for the purpose it serves. ii) refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior, which is connected in any way with the website and its content, and any practice unfair competition or other illegal in relation to the practice site. iii) Undertakes not posted, send, publish or make use of any other method deals content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable, violating the personality and private data, hateful, constitutes an illegal act or infringes any intellectual property rights of any entity. iv) It must respect the privacy of other users and do not disclose names, phone numbers, addresses and other information of third parties without their permission. Explicitly prohibited to send content such as porn, terror, threatening, material subject to copyright, illegal software (information or links), content that promotes religious or other forms of proselytism, content that may be considered racist or offends other nationalities and religions, and general who is against morality. The dispatch messages containing offensive language, touching and causing other users. The www.cosijeans.shop and qualified associates have the right to refuse to post or publish or move or delete any Content available through the Site. Further, reserve the right (not the obligation) to delete any content that violates these terms of use.

7. Links (links) to other websites (sites)

On the website specific links may appear (links, hyperlinks) through which the visitor-user is able to connect to third party websites. The use of these links is the sole responsibility of the visitor-user. The www.cosijeans.shop not responsible for the content, reliability, legality and correctness of the information contained in these third party websites, not responsible for the terms of protection of personal data of users when they visit these websites and the end is not responsible for any problem, error or problem that may arise in the visitor-user from entering and remaining in the third site.

8. Ads

No advertising messages allowed. Any visitor-user wishes to advertise your company, service or product, should first contact the www.cosijeans.shop to determine and agree on the framework for advertising and individual terms will govern. It is, however the website to display third-party ads. The www.cosijeans.shop not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the information, content and advertisements contained, distributed, are connected, locally transferred or accessed from any part of this website, nor the quality of any products, information or other relevant occurring, purchased or acquired by the visitor of the site as the result of advertising or other information or offer that appeared to him.

9. Disclaimer

The website seeks and pursues all the information and material that hosts characterized by accuracy, completeness, truth, reliability, accuracy and efficiency, but can not guarantee the existence of these elements and bearing no responsibility for failure assistance one or more of the above factors. The responsibility for the evaluation, assessment, acceptance, deployment and use of the content of the website solely borne by the visitor-user. Under no circumstances, including negligence, no liability on the part of the website or the coefficients on damage that may be caused by or in connection with the content of the website. This site is not responsible for any damage (direct or indirect) suffered by the visitor-user in use services, options, information and contents in which (use) out on his own initiative. The www.cosijeans.shop not assume any liability for the content of the materials or publications posted on the website by visitors-users and reserved for the truth, accuracy and completeness of the information, and the appropriateness or conformity thereof. Each post represents the views of the visitor-user and does not reflect the position of www.cosijeans.shop. Finally, www.cosijeans.shop can not guarantee the smooth, free of errors and viruses using the website, nor liable for any data loss or damage that may arise to the user, equipment or operating system he uses. The visitor-user is solely responsible for its protection against viruses and malware.

10. Indemnification

The visitor-user expressly agrees that in case brought against www.cosijeans.shop or affiliate site any claim, judicial or extrajudicial, caused or resulting from an act or omission by the user, instead took place in the law and / or these terms, undertakes to indemnify the site and / or its partners, as appropriate, if the person liable to pay compensation or other cost.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Access to and use of the website is governed by the provisions of Greek law, in absolute harmony with the Regulations and Directives of the European Union and with the requirements of the rules of international law. Illustration, apply the principles of good faith, business ethics and the economic social purpose of rights. In case of any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of the contents of this website, will apply Greek law, as above stated, and exclusive jurisdiction will have the Courts of Thessaloniki.

Upon becoming a registered user or upon placing an order, you automatically accept all the above terms and proceeds to use www.cosijeans.shop according them.